Bondtex uses two distinct bonding
processes in our manufacturing facility-

Adhesive Lamination and Flame Lamination.


Adhesive lamination is a flat-bed procedure that uses a dry web, film, or adhesive powder for bonding so that no flame is required.

Our newly refurbished adhesive laminator, pictured below, is capable of laminating materials up to 63 inches wide.

Flame lamination passes an open-cell polyurethane foam through an open flame to create a thin layer of hot polymer. This is then used as an adhesive to bond the assigned materials together in a single pass.

Our flame laminators, shown below, are capable of laminating materials from 40 to 100 inches wide.

Bondtex has two methods of Flame Lamination:

"Single Pass" means that there is one sheet of material laminated to one sheet of foam (or other material).

"Sandwich" means that there are two sheets of material laminated to either side of one sheet of foam.